Domain Authority Checker

Using the DA PA Checker tool, assess a website's "Authority" based on the quantity and quality of its external links.

Domain Authority Checker

Using the DA PA Checker tool, assess a website's "Authority" based on the quantity and quality of its external links.


What is authority on a website?

The SEO term "website ascendancy" refers to the "strength" of an established domain. This "domain authority" is misunderstood by some, but the Moz Area Ascendancy (DA) metric is not to be ignored. When we talk about "area authority," we are referring to a common SEO concept that is similar to "website authority."

At Supertoolsfree, we use our very own website ascendancy metric, which we refer to as the Area Rating. It uses a calibration that ranges from 0 to 100. The stronger and more authentic a website's Area Appraisal (DR) is, the better it is. The free device above displays the affected "authority" (also known as the Area Rating) of your website.


Why is the "authority" of your region important?

The Google team refuses to use "domain authority" as a ranking factor on a regular basis. However, Google's John Mueller claims that they accept a site-wide annual that "maps to a similar thing." In addition, when we discussed the relationship between keyword rankings and Area Appraisal (DR) for 218,713 domains, we concluded that the two work well together.


What is an acceptable Authority (Area Appraisal) score?

In general, the higher your domain's "authority," the better. However, it is essential not to evaluate the Area Appraisal in its entirety. This is due to the fact that Area Appraisal is a metric by definition. It is impossible to determine whether a Area Assessment score of 30, 50, 60, or 70 is satisfactory. All of it is relative.


How can you improve your Area Rating?

The only way to raise your website's Area Assessment (authority) score is to acquire backlinks from additional websites (referred domains). However, improving the "authority" of your website should never be your primary objective. Instead, you should concentrate on getting backlinks to the pages you want to rank in Google from relevant pages on well-known websites in your industry. This is because the number of relevant domains to a folio and the total amount of amoebic cartage it receives vary significantly.


How can Moz authority be improved?

I always say, to make love real and move in the fun media to help as many people as possible. As a result, bodies will begin articulating with our website. It appears as though we were recommending yet another web expression, and the additional "recommendations" added authority. Of course, the more websites that mention us that accept DA, the more likely we are to win; however, if only a few small links ascendancy sites, our position could be adversely affected.


Measure the annual of your website

The Mozilla addendum is a useful tool for measuring the site's area ascendancy. The Moz addendum should be installed in your Google Chrome browser. The Moz addendum will appear in the upper right corner of the card bar of your browser. After that, create a free Moz account. After logging in, the adjacent card bar appears when you beat on the extension:


DA area authority

The PA and DA are shown in the addendum. The DA is the website's area ascendancy, and the PA is the matching page's folio ascendancy. This annual shows how well the accurate portfolio ranks in search results.


What can be done to increase the area's ascendancy?

A website's standard area ascendancy is between 20 and 40 points. Expanding a website's area of influence is not an art form. Additionally, optimizing an armpit with a annual between 10 and 20 is simpler than optimizing a website with a annual between 30 and 40. For instance, a low-cost website accommodates a college annual Accept already processed by making some obvious and straightforward SEO adjustments. Take into consideration the on-folio SEO aspects.


How do I use the ascendancy checker for my area?

Our website's ascendancy checker is simple to use. You only need to follow these easy steps:

  • Go to and enter the URL you want to check in the space provided.
  • After entering the website's URL, click the "Check Authority" button immediately.
  • Our competent agent will deliver the results in a matter of seconds.

However, this website ascendancy checker tool goes further than assuming that you only monitor the DA of your websites. In addition, it provides you with the Moz rank and folio ascendancy for that region. In addition, the options from the adjacent area, such as backlinks, area evaluation, and website SEO score, will be influenced by the adjacent area.


What should be done with the results (abstracts)?

What should you do with the data after blocking the area ascendancy of your website or that of a competitor?

Now, some ways to use the information are as follows:

  • Use it to compare your website's position to that of similar websites in your industry.
  • Use it to determine whether your business efforts are paying off.
  • Use it to compare how your competitors stack up (find out who is who in your niche!) so you know how to position your team to win.
  • Use it to do better SEO. Use it to find good DA ascendancy websites in your area to know where to go for affection backlinks using techniques like friend blogging.



In conclusion, your website's agreeable has the greatest impact on the Area Authority. Be patient and take responsibility for your agreeable and articulation. Your Area Ascendancy will be able to rise if you follow the advice we've given you. Keep working, and you'll see the Measurement Area Authority—maybe not tomorrow.