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Opener is the best SEO tool for quickly opening multiple links or websites.

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Opener is the best SEO tool for quickly opening multiple links or websites. Put the URL into the box to the right.


About URL Opener

This productivity tool is the best and most beneficial. With a single click, you can open multiple URLs on a page with this application. Academics, web users, and digital marketers all benefit from it. You can quickly see results by simply copying and pasting URLs. Numerous HTTP and HTTPS links are supported.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to examine a number of website URLs? A friend might send you a list of websites where you can download movies or songs from time to time. Additionally, SEO professionals are constantly adding new backlinks. In order to generate new backlinks, they need to open several websites.


Why did we develop the URL Opener Tool?

This tool was made for SEO professionals and digital marketers only. They must manually open hundreds of links in order to create backlinks. So we chose to make this application to give them help and a fast connection point. They could also make good use of it and save valuable time. Even more, academics are expressing an interest in and making use of this technology.


How do SEO pros make use of multiple link openers?

The best way to rank in search engines is through backlinks. This is known by all. As a result, SEO professionals open too many connections and build backlinks to these websites. If they copy and paste, they will typically become disinterested. As a result, they use Multiple Link Opener to speed up and simplify this process.


How many URLs are accessible with a single click?

The number of URLs that can be opened is generally unrestricted. The computer's capabilities and the number of open tabs determine everything. We suggest opening between eight and ten URLs at once. You can simply browse through all of the URLs because the browser is not overloaded.


What browsers are compatible?

Multiple URL Opener works with all browsers. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, and other browsers The utility won't work if javascript in the browser is disabled. Please check to see that the JavaScript option is turned on.



We do not store any personal information or links. Most importantly, neither the creator nor the owner of the URL Opener website are accountable for the links submitted by visitors. Service is provided by this utility "as is, as available." The services we provide are not covered by any guarantees, either expressed or implied.