What Is My User Agent

Your user agent cord contains comprehensive information about your browser, operating system, and software as a whole.

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What Is My User Agent?

Your user agent cord contains comprehensive information about your browser, operating system, and software as a whole.


What are user agents?

A person agent, or UA, is a collection of information about a user's browser and operating system. When you visit a website, your browser sends information to the site about your browser, operating system, device, display preference, and more. The browser acts as a UA when it communicates with websites in this manner on behalf of the character.

The United States of America was created with the intention of making it possible for servers and network peers—like websites—to select information about the customer. To be clear, this includes a variety of technical data in addition to programs, operating systems, browsers, and browser variations. This makes it possible for websites to optimize browsing experiences for users across all browsers and operating systems.

Customers on mobile devices can be redirected to the mobile version of websites that can access UA information. This enhances the customers' experience and increases their likelihood of returning. However, UA detection is not present on every website; A website's poor mobile appearance can sometimes be caused by a lack of UA detection.


Can my user agent be changed?

You can, in fact, change your UA. User agent switchers or person agent managers are frequently utilized by net builders. It lets them see how their websites behave and look in different browsers or on different devices. that is frequently referred to as user agent spoofing.

It is not a dangerous activity, and it is not in any way a criminal offense; It is open to users to do so. utilizing UA switchers and executives allows for the swift and trouble-free replacement of your browser's UA string with a bespoke one. However, malicious actors can also carry out UA spoofing by concealing their website visitors to avoid detection. Ensure that you are changing your UA for legitimate reasons if you do so.


User-Agent list for different device types

There are millions of user-Agent combinations for various device types because the United States trades with the software and hardware. For instance, the user interface (UA) of a Chrome browser on an iPhone 6 differs from that of a Safari browser on the same phone.

Each type of device, including smartphones, tablets, and computers, may have its own unique UA, making it possible to reach this device for any reason. It appears that crawlers and bots each come with their own unique UAs.

A sample list of consumer retailers selling unique device types is provided here. Simply copy and paste the America into our consumer-Agent testing device to learn more about these devices. Every tool's house will be visible to you.